International Situation 2018: Simmering crisis, rising inequalities amid corporate concentration

Far from jubilations of recovery, global economic growth is still slower today, more than ten years since the 2008 crisis. In a world situation of ballooning global debt, and the slow discrediting of neoliberal policy, corporate giants have continued to increase their profits at the expense of people's rights and welfare.

This neoliberal globalisation, and the militarism of the world's powers, face movements and people's actions from within countries of the North, the so-called emerging economies, and from within other regions of the global South.


Executive Summary
World economy  Slowing growth and investment, protracted crisis
Politics Another "right-wing" turn and the decline of U.S. hegemony
Conflict  Militarism amidst "great power competition"
Resistance Answers to neoliberal globalisation, militarism and state violence
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