Opportunities, challenges to sustainable development, as HLPF opens in 2019: Page 2 of 2

Posted on 11 July 2019

the session on Progress, Gaps and Obstacles to the SDGs, Lorelei Covero from IBON International represented APRCEM in an intervention. She emphasized that, though some progress has been made on the SDGs in Asia Pacific, gaps still exist in the implementation and monitoring. She highlighted the challenge of addressing the systemic and structural barriers to development—such as the capture of states by “elite interests and multinational corporations who utilize tax, trade and investment regimes that benefit a few.”

Photo: IBON Int'l representing APRCEM in an intervention at a session on progress, gaps and obstacles to sustainable development

Further, Covero mentioned that peoples’ organisations and grassroots communities have been pushing for Development Justice. Covero stressed that the way forward is to build development “as a process organized and led by the people,“ to “harness the power of the people” as they are “the most significant aspect of sustainable development and therefore the most potent agents for achieving it.”

The HLPF is the main global platform for reviewing the success, challenges and lessons learned on reaching the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. The HLPF 2019 is crucial for the Agenda 2030 as a mechanism. It is also an opportunity for civil society to see the challenges of the current development agenda, and how to strongly push for development that genuinely leaves no one behind. ###

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