Posted on 15 July 2011
IFPRS was organized jointly by Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (BAYAN), International League of Peoples’ Struggles, Concerned Artists of the Philippines, Habi Arts, IBON International, International Migrants Alliance, International Women’s Alliance, League of Filipino Students, Peace for Life, Peoples’ Action Network, People’s Coalition on Food Sovereignty, People’s Movement on Climate Change, RESIST!, Asian Peasant Coalition, Indigenous People's Movement for Self-determination and Liberation, and the UP College of Mass Communications, with the participation of many international organizations.
The spirit of celebration and hope, which suffused the IFPRS, was best expressed by IBON International Director Antonio Tujan Jr. who termed the IFPRS “a celebration of people’s struggles, a festival of hope.” According to him, in the midst of the financial and economic crisis and attacks of monopoly capitalism, people around the world remain irrepressible as they weather the effects of the crises, assert their rights, and fight oppression and exploitation. People continue to build and strengthen their unions and organizations, create mass movements and face the exploiters and oppressors in every arena of engagement.
It is oft said that a revolution is a “festival of the oppressed.” Although no guns were fired during IFPRS, it was certainly a festival of the oppressed as the participants from different countries concluded the event with a powerful message to all peoples of the world: “We may be different in colour, but our hearts and blood are the same. We are one in the struggle for a better world.”
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