Resistance against Neoliberal Reforms: Local Struggles against Water Privatization and PPPs

Posted on 14 March 2012

March 16, 2012 | 1:00 - 3:30 PM | Cabaret Rouge 3

With the World Bank’s rhetoric shifting to public-private partnerships (PPPs), we ask, is the partnership in PPPs a “meeting of equals,” or is there an imbalance that allows the other party to manipulate the relationship?

The results of PPPs and privatization in the water sector that will be presented in the workshop, particularly in Nepal, Chile, Indonesia, Spain and the Philippines illustrate how disadvantaged governments are, and how, fundamentally, such schemes tip the scale in favour of the private sector.
As we are constantly faced by institutions and structures that impose a profit-driven development model on essential resources, a sustained global resistance becomes necessary.
Join us in a strategy session on how we can collectively assert the people’s power to choose what system of water sourcing, use, conservation and treatment they will employ in their localities. For more info, get in touch with Levi Francisco of IBON International at and please visit for updates.
  • Ratan Bhandari, WAFED, Nepal
  • Cristian Villarroel, Programa Chile Sustentable, Chile
  • Reza, KRuHA, Indonesia
  • Enrique Ortega, Attac, Spain
  • Tetet Lauron, IBON, Philippines
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