IBON warns vs diluting Rio+20 draft: ‘Don’t delete our rights, don’t bracket our futures!’ : Page 3 of 3

Posted on 25 April 2012
a global financial oligarchy today, which is precisely at the root of the current crisis, the decline in aggregate demand, the surfeit of capital that therefore go to financial speculation rather than in the real economy, inflating asset bubbles and leading to financial crises and all its attendant consequences.
They can’t aim for ever expanding capital accumulation if we insist on the redistribution of resources and environmental space within planetary boundaries. 
That’s why we need the people’s summit!
Because here is the space where the people can more freely and openly discuss and question the fundamental underpinnings of the global economic and political order; embrace new paradigms for “development” and sustainability; and explore truly transformative solutions, not the false solutions that we’ve been hearing all week.
But we can’t completely abandon this space either.  We have to send a resounding message to our purported leaders that we will not allow them to “delete” our rights and “bracket” our futures.  We must not allow them to backtrack on the Rio principles and on human rights obligations.  We must make it clear to them that this is not the future we want!


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