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Posted on 21 September 2012
for accepting our request to hold this conference in their facilities. This is a start of what an inclusive participatory framework can be.
We’d like to thank Karibu Foundation, our main supporter for this conference, for their support through IBON. It is not such a lot of money but we are able to stretch and maximize it. We also would like to thank Misereor for the support they extended.
I would also like to thank Chandrika Sharma of ICSF for proposing back-to-back meetings and in this way for supporting the travel of some more of the participants. We are also able to share our experiences for two activities. This conference has a lot of synergies of people working together.
We do not have our conference in a capital of a country, but in a center of fisheries that is Iloilo province in the Visayan islands, where we have the SEAFDEC and UP Visayas and where we enjoy the famed hospitality of the Ilonggos. Thanks for the support of the Office of the Governor, who is scheduled to speak this afternoon. I always believe that anywhere in the world we can address international issues especially in fisheries because we are all for international solidarity.
Thank you all.
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