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Posted on 31 October 2012
  1. Stand Up For Your Rights, Netherlands
  2. Federación nacional de cooperativas agropecuarias y agro industriales de Nicaragua (FENACOOP), Nicaragua
  3. Reseau des Organisations de Developpement et Associations de Defense des Droits de L'homme et de La Democratie(RODADDHD), Niger
  4. Campaign 2015, Nigeria
  5. Centre for 21st Century Issues (C21st), Nigeria
  6. Labour, Health and Human Rights Development Centre, Nigeria
  7. Policy Research, Nigeria
  8.  Dharti Development Foundation Sindh, Pakistan
  9. Cordillera Women's Education Action Research Center (CWEARC), Philippines
  10. Cordillera Youth Center, Philippines
  11. Ecological Society of the Philippines
  12. GABRIELA,Philippines
  13. SIBAT, Philippines
  14. Africa Forum for Alternatives, Senegal
  15. ARCADE, Senegal
  16. Institute for African Studies, Slovenia
  17. Biowatch South Africa
  18. Huerto del Pozo de Sanabria, Spain
  19. National Fisheries Solidarity Movement, Sri Lanka
  20. Swarna Hansa Foundation, Sri Lanka
  21. Foundation for Socio-Economic Justice (FSEJ), Swaziland
  22. Visions Solidaires, Togo
  23. National Association of Professional Environmentalist (NAPE), Uganda
  24. Support for Women in Agriculture and Environment (SWAGEN), Uganda
  25. Uganda Coalition for Sustainable Development – Rio and beyond, Uganda
  26. Earth Law Center, United States
  27. Hawai’I Institute for Human Rights, United States
  28. Asociación Civil Acción Campesina, Venezuela
  29. Sustainable Rural Development, Vietnam
  30. ESAFF, Zambia
  1. Jason Heffner, Graduate Research Assistant, Department of Human and Organizational Learning, Graduate School of Education and Human Development, The George Washington University
  2. William Gomes, Human Rights Ambassador for
  3. Sheila Handrigan, Liaison Social Worker, Department of Advanced Education and Skills, Canada


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