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Posted on 8 June 2013
on governments to take action and nothing that makes countries with the responsibility – those countries who have contributed most to global warming – to take action. The report plays it safe when it comes to the question of financing for sustainable development by recommending that a future UN conference should tackle the matter.  “Where’s the sense of urgency that this planet actually needs radical transformation to survive” asks Ahmad SH of WALHI-Friends of the Earth Indonesia.
The report acknowledges the need to improve accountability systems, particularly by enhancing access to information through a new ‘data revolution’.  But the report fails to recognize the need for stronger regulatory frameworks, especially for the corporate sector, which is responsible for much of the unsustainable production and consumption patterns prevalent in the world today.  Instead it relies on the “willingness on the part of large corporations as well as governments to report on their social and environmental impact in addition to releasing financial accounts.”
The HLP Report does contain positive elements and a number of welcome recommendations such as:
  •     Recognizes human rights, notably the right to food, sexual and reproductive rights, freedom of assembly, due-process rights, etc.  and proposes a number of rights-based targets
  •     Calls for disaggregating data by wealth (bottom percentile), gender, location, age, disability;
  •     a gender goal and ending child marriage;
  •     recognizes social protection and proposes some universal targets around water, sanitation, and energy
  •     calls for ending fossil fuel subsidies
  •     calls for reducing illicit financial flows and tax evasion
“However, as a report that should set the agenda for discussion among governments and other stakeholders, we demand a much bolder and visionary analysis and set of recommendations including measures for the redistribution of ownership, access and control over productive resources so that no one is denied the basis for living in dignity and freedom and in harmony with nature” explained Azra Sayeed of Roots for Equity in Pakistan.
The Campaign for Peoples Goals for Sustainable Development calls on the UN Secretary General to go beyond the HLP report and make much more ambitious recommendations to member states that would address the structural causes hindering sustainable development.
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