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Posted on 13 September 2013
issues, emphasizing that the framework used is critical engagements to expose and oppose anti-people policies and programs in the sector and forward concrete alternatives. Among the international processes mentioned are engagements with UN FAO - Committee on Fisheries (COFI), Committee on World Food Security (CFS) and the Office of the High Commissioner for HUman Rights (OHCHR). Another engagement mentioned is through Civil Society Mechanisms (CSM) which is FAO-recognized civil society organization (CSO) platform. She stressed that country struggles must be strengthened through mass movement building and that forging international solidarity relations should contribute to overall efforts to resist attacks of monopoly capital.
Mr. Tujan, who joined the latter part of the workshop, added that attention must be also given to govenrment-facilitated large-scale and acquistions which, technically speaking may not be deemed as land grabs. He stressed that the people's right to free, prior and informed consent (FPIC) must at all times be upheld and fought for in the face of these government-sponsored resource grabs. 
The workshop also served as a build-up activity towards the campaigns against the World Trade Organization (WTO) that will culminate in the People's Global Camp on December 3-6 in Bali, Indonesia, which is a parallel people's activity to the 9th WTO Ministerial Meeting.
The workshop ended with the formulation of recommendations and collective people's response against global land grabbing, along with strengthening the people's movements against the neoliberal attacks of globalization in the rural sector. The workshop gave emphasis to strengthening the campaign against WTO as one of the major culprit of resource grabbing in the world. The participants also endorsed plans to conduct an international conference on land grabbing to further expose and oppose the imperialist agenda and plunder of resources.
PCFS also held a soft launching of its campaign against WTO and monopoly control of the global food system initially through its JUNK WTO! FOOD SOVEREIGNTY NOW! posters which will culminate in the People's Global Camp. ###
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