Into the lion’s den: Confronting the World Bank on privatized water : Page 3 of 3

Posted on 12 October 2013
has been calling for the WB to disinvest from private water and stop promoting privatization of water services across the globe.
The advocates also met with advisors of US representatives on Capitol Hill, and with reporters from Thomson Reuters and Financial Times.
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IBON and CAI are united in the call for public control over water utilities because it is the only mechanism fully consistent with the right to water. As the CAI’s report Shutting the Spigot on Private Water: The case for the World Bank to divest stated: “Public investment in infrastructure has proven time and again to be the only viable means of delivering broad and equitable access to water.”
Water advocacy groups like WPN assert that having well-meaning regulators monitoring the water firms is not enough. Protecting the interest of consumers and the human right to water particularly of the poor and marginalized can only be realized through effective state control. ###
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