Stronger human rights accountability and remedy for corporate abuses urgently needed : Page 2 of 2

Posted on 3 December 2013
the strengthening of the accountability aspect of the UNGP by ensuring the following elements:
1.    Clear obligations: This responds to the oft-repeated pleas of ignorance of human rights standards that should now be unacceptable as a reason for misdeeds.
2.    Monitoring: Even with obligations clearly outlined, if there is no effective monitoring in place, there is no way to truly determine the success or failure of implementation.
3.    Adjudication mechanisms: Accessible grievance mechanisms and remedy procedures ensure that victims of human rights violations can rely on a recourse and find justice.
4.    Consequences for failure to meet: Adequate penalties for omissions and violations are necessary to give any framework teeth and encourage adherence.
5.    Enforcement: Given the economic and power imbalance between corporate entities and victims of human rights abuses, effecting the identified redress also needs attention from duty-bearers.
IBON recommends that the Human Rights Council and the UN Working Group on Business and Human Rights re-examine the possibility of binding instruments for human rights protection in the context of business operations. ###
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