Shaping global accountability in development cooperation : Page 2 of 2

Posted on 23 March 2014
must address global challenges and policy coherence. It should also consult all actors, from the grassroots upwards. It should be simple, focused and build on existing reporting mechanisms. Moreover, it should feature multiple accountability frameworks looking at both quantity and quality of as well as advance the impact of development cooperation.
Hongbo also emphasized the need for better availability of data, which should be simple, comprehensible and usable to ordinary citizens. Aside from knowledge sharing, knowledge management is also important and currently missing in development cooperation. He also acknowledged the synergies of the DCF and the GPEDC and the expectation for the 2014 DCF to include the full range of development cooperation actors as it aims to serve as a platform for the discussion on the post-2015 agenda, its design and implementation. ###


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