'Women, youth and children demand development justice, end to plutocracy' - CPG : Page 3 of 3

Posted on 7 March 2014
laws, policies and practices that limit core civil society freedoms of expression, association and assembly must be arrested and reversed.  Instead, we need to bolster the means and opportunities by which people, especially the most marginalized and excluded, can hold governments, corporations, international institutions, donors and other power-holders to account. We must develop accountability mechanisms from grassroots to the global, community monitoring tools, budget monitoring, shadow reports to provide input in monitoring mechanisms, and so on.
If governments enter into negotiations looking for the lowest common denominator, if you settle for incremental changes that will help the poor but reproduce poverty and injustice, if you do not commit to dismantling the architecture of plutocracy, then people will persevere in demanding development justice – through these channels or through our collective struggles outside the halls of official power.
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