CSOs warn vs development ‘exclusively for global elites’ : Page 2 of 2

Posted on 17 April 2014
the operations of CSOs, curtailing their independence and freedom, and suppressing and even killing political activists and human rights defenders. 
Vitalice Meja of Reality of Aid-Africa likewise lamented that in many countries CSOs do not have access to vital information on development programs and activities which are necessary to hold governments and other power holders to account. 
Tetet Lauron of the Asia-Pacific Research Network remarked that “instead of upholding genuine multi-stakeholder involvement in setting the development agenda, there is a clear regressive trend towards privileging the corporate sector in development and development cooperation.” 
Erin Palomares of Reality of Aid-Asia Pacific explained that official development assistance (ODA) is now being “blended” with private finance as a way of reducing risks for private investors in infrastructure and other development projects.  “Aid” is also being used to “encourage” policies that create an enabling environment for business, particularly for transnational corporations.  
Tujan warned that “if the aid system is used to promote the interests of investors over the human rights of the people, gender equality and environmental sustainability, then development will remain exclusive for the global elites while ordinary people are denied a life of dignity and justice.”  ###
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