No ‘New Deal’ with Climate, Inc.: For a People’s Protocol on Climate Change: Page 3 of 3

Posted on 15 September 2014
just and environmentally sound national actions that take into account gender equity, intergenerational equity, and equity between countries;
Urgently phase out economic activities, including dirty energy and mass deforestation, that are incompatible with planetary boundaries, while ensuring adequate redress of damages based on the ‘polluter pays’ principle;
Ensure full allocation and disbursement of adequate, appropriate and new climate finance through effective means of implementation, with gender-sensitive social and environmental safeguards, to support the mitigation and adaptation efforts of developing countries that are already facing climate impacts, in addition to financial compensation for loss and damages  
At all levels, governments must uphold genuine sustainable development for the people.
IBON International calls on all civil society organizations and the public to support the weeklong series of peoples’ mobilizations and activities in New York to oppose false solutions in confronting the climate crisis and take action for climate justice and the fight for system change.#
[1] Millennium Development Goals – parallel UN negotiations are underway to replace the MDGs with a new set of “Sustainable Development Goal” (SDGs by 2015) – intended to integrate environmental objects more fully into whatever replaces the MDGs.  These are happening under two separate negotiating processes, and it is unclear at this point whether and how both tracks are to be merged into a cohesive set of goals.
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