Posición de PCFS frente a la PreCOP Social de Venezuela

Posted on 13 November 2014
Peoples Coalition for Food Sovereignty - Latin America and the Caribbean (PCFS) 
Paper contribution for Social PRECOP 2014
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We, women and men Representatives of Social Movements and Organizations That are part of the Coalition of People's Food Sovereignty (PCFS), engaged and Committed to good to live in harmony and balance with Mother Earth, presented in Social PRECOP for 4 to November 7 2014 in Caracas, Venezuela, express our gratitude to the Venezuelan government to trust the voices of civil society as Promoters of a possible change.
Whereas, the ruthlessness of the capitalist, consumerist extractive system in place in your relationship with Mother Earth, the main cause of climate change and poverty. While it is Considered as the only way of development, ignoring the stories, world views and creative forces of other ways of life That People have held for centuries That Were Sustainable and harmonious relationship with Mother Earth.
Considering the Populations  That They Were in Recent Decades Were reliable to Overcome the environmental crisis, the climate crisis, and the Meliá crisis, from models of life in balance and harmony with Mother Earth, from cooperative communication and exchange systems Community justice and fairness, showing That other paradigms and ways of life are possible.
Considering That the environmental crises requires an anthropocentric transcend human condition to a holistic and integrated vision by Recognizing and Respecting Mother Earth as a legal entity With Whom humans must Maintain a balanced and harmonious relationship.
Considering That climate change and development model, have mainly Affected traditional forms of food production, threatening the sustainability of food security and sustainability of the natural resources.
Considering That climate change is and will Affect Affecting mainly the water on our planet, Reducing Their availability and Their abilities to reproduce naturally in the rain That feeds our mountains, aquifers, wetlands, lakes, rivers and soil. The sustainability of life on the planet is at risk, Because without water there is no life.
Whereas, soil, land and territory, as components of Mother Earth Have Been commercialized, polluted and exploited by the capitalist model of development and climate change has accelerated desertification and loss of Their Natural abilities food production, threatening food security for millions of people on our planet.
In response to conditions of life in Original, in the last ten years, Indigenous peoples Have inspired the world with a different way of conceiving life in reaction to current models of development. They Have Proposed pass-oriented growth model based on the exploitation of the natural resources , to a more holistic view of the world, Where there is no notion of prosperity based on the material wealth and Consumption; but in MOST elementary sense of community Between humans and nature, based on factors in the happiness and value of the collective, justice and freedom. He or Living Well Living Well, is Proposed as a civilizational horizon as a new order of balance in the world, as real change condition to face and Overcome as environmental and Humanity to This climate
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