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Posted on 13 November 2014
the corporate logic of decision making in the context of Official Institutions That Effective limit the participation of the majority of the Population, Which Until Now Have held the planet and Which Constitute Natural forces of sustainability of life.
20. It must begin to Recognize and Promote other forms of life, other than the current model, and make Initiatives in Original, living voices of actual solutions to climate change.
21. Only the inclusion of the majority May raise other forms of decision making, more coherent, more legitimate and more actual.
Fighting Climate Change: Direct Action for transformation
22. Any Proposal in the context of the Commitments of the state solution must Incorporate the Principles of Respect for life and human rights, Sovereignty, Solidarity, just transition and recognition of ecological limits and the rights of Mother Earth.
23. There is a constant need for people to Recognize and Develop Mechanisms to Ensure Common but Differentiated Responsibilities true, the different forms and Levels of vulnerability of countries and peoples, Indigenous and other peoples Especially historically excluded groups of people. Environmental justice is and Should REMAIN Among the topics for discussion at the Conventions in question.
24. Remind States, According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change-IPCC climate resilience to change must be at the center of climate change actions in the future, and linked to Poverty Eradication. The main conclusions of the reports on adaptation (Working Group II AR5) and mitigation (Working Group III AR5) are: resilient to climate change adaptation and mitigation combined to reduce climate change and its impacts Routes.
25. climate change for developing countries is an urgent challenge That Has To Do With creating linkages Between Effective mitigation, adaptation, recognition of ecological limits and the Eradication of Poverty, It Means to address mitigation and adaptation in the course of actual solutions in Developing Countries .
26. Recognize That integrated ecosystem related to the protection, conservation and restoration of agricultural ecosystems and living systems of Mother Earth, Ensuring Respect for the limits of ITS components regeneration water, forest, soil, air management and all forms of life are possible guidelines to address adaptation of peoples and agricultural ecosystems to climate change. The Decay Processes of Mother Earth, are not true and less consistent With The logic of ancient forms of life in the past and in the present suit Respecting the integrity of ITS components. The woods are not the only resources to address climate change, forests are part of integrated systems of life on Mother Earth.
North-South Responsibilities: North Commitments to Enhance Efforts in the South
27. The financing mitigation and adaptation actions by developed country clubs in Developing Countries is a moral obligation, shouldnt require conditions. The funding must be reliable, predictable, adequate and Appropriate, and driven from logic transparent and ethical.
28. Compensation for-losses and damages, must be made as binding obligations © for developed country clubs shouldnt rely on the Possibility of Their Economies or situation.
29. Climate change can not disintegrate Poverty, Therefore, in the
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