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Posted on 13 November 2014
context of historical Responsibility, developed country clubs Multidimensional Should Commit to Reducing Poverty in Developing Countries, without ignoring gender Inequalities Inequalities and other peoples between.
30. Should Developed Countries commit to funding and transfer of technologies in an integrated Manner (financial provision, technology support and capacity building) in Achieving the goals of holistic, integrated and Sustainable Development.
Food Sovereignty for Living Well
A living world is a world without hunger and food of life and life 
31. Food security must be Done with Sovereignty in the context of the human right to food, Strengthening Local production practices, community and family, Ensuring That All Efforts are directed Primarily production to meet the food needs of humans nutritious, safe and healthy products.
32. Food Sovereignty to Live Well, requires sharing, providing and Ensuring food for all, without commercialism and selfishness. To Do This, all states must commit to Policies and actions for the provision of food, the local production and smallholder farmers Prioritizing and Indigenous People in the context of nutrition education, culture Respecting the values of the people.
33. The Community family farming Indigenous and peasant smallholders is guaranteed protection and generation of knowledge and technology, source of wisdom lavished agro-biodiversity and life, providing employment, culture and community. This life Should be Strengthened by agriculture Ensuring access to land and land with water for life and good production, education resources for food and nutrition factors and Strengthening Economic, political, technological and Cultural empowerment, Respecting and Strengthening of traditional knowledge Against That selfish capitalism privatizes merchandises and technology, Promotes the standardization of products and production and destruction small agribusiness for export.
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