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Posted on 16 September 2015
into teenage marriages, child labor, and petty crimes. Several others are attempting the perilous voyage across the Mediterranean to escape the conflict.
Host communities in nearby regions in Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon are also experiencing difficulty in supporting Syrian refugees due to competition for basic needs, land, housing, water, energy, and employment. Other nations are refusing the entry of refugees by building wired fences to keep them away.
The international community must immediately address the continuing attacks and human rights violations against Syrians. IBON International calls for international solidarity and cooperation to address the aggravating situation in Syria. We urge civil society organizations, humanitarian agencies, and governments to provide assistance to our Syrian brothers and sisters. 
States should stand by their obligations under the international refugee law and other international treaties protecting refugees and asylum-seekers (e.g. Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948 and the 1951 Refugee Convention). We emphasize that no country can refuse its individual and collective responsibility towards refugees. We thus strongly call on European states to responsibly and humanely respond to the needs of arriving refugees and asylum-seekers in their region. We urge the governments of developed countries in Europe and North America to respect the human rights of Syrians, including their rights to asylum and protection.
Lastly, we condemn the ongoing human rights violations against innocent people who suffer from the continuing wars of aggression and interference of powerful countries, which have created the conditions causing mass displacements and forced migration of refugees. #
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