Dialogues for justice, public interest and the common good: CPDE side event at the UN Summit: Page 2 of 2

Posted on 6 October 2015
and the enormous military expenses are missing from discussions around world's problems. In the period since Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) were announced in 2000, US wars have been the greatest source of infrastructural destruction and cause of deaths of millions of refugees."
When the US discusses sustainable development goals and environmental devastation, one thing is always left out of the discussions and that is US militarism. The Pentagon is the world's worst polluter of Green House gases and yet it has a blanket exemption in all climate agreements," added Sara.
Paul Quintos , from IBON International and Campaign for People's Goals, wondered why similar promises were being pledged again after 15 years. “The declaration says: Leave no one behind, but in reality people have been, and are being, pushed back,” Paul said.
The whole-day event ended with a strong resolve from civil society to engage the implementation of the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda and hold governments accountable to their commitments.
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