WTO’s 20 years of servitude to TNCs and Monopoly Capitalism: Page 3 of 3

Posted on 17 December 2015
being one of the main sources of miseries of rural communities and the peoples of developing countries in general can attest to this.
It is in this context that PCFS calls on its networks and all the oppressed peoples of the world to strengthen further our efforts to defeat the WTO, neoliberal globalization and monopoly capitalism. It is only through the strength of people’s movements that we can dismantle this oppressive trade regime that has caused nothing but poverty, inequality and exploitation for the peoples of the Global South. The peoples demands require an international trading system that responds to the needs of the poor and marginalized communities; a pro-­‐people trading system that ensures adequate food supply for all and place agricultural control and ownership to the people towards achieving our right to self-­‐ determined  development  and  food sovereignty.
Junk WTO! Down with imperialism! Struggle for a People's Trade System!
Defend and promote the peoples’ food sovereignty!
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