Rejecting the Parliamentary State Coup in Brazil and Supporting the Latin American Peoples’ Resistance of Imperialism

Posted on 7 October 2016

IBON International statement
October 2016

On August 31 the impeachment of Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff was confirmed. Rousseff was impeached for allegedly trying to embellish government accounts by delaying payments to the state-run Banco do Brasil in order to cover up the shortfall in the federal budget during the run-up to the 2014 elections.

IBON International rejects in the strongest terms the coup carried out by the Senate violating the constitutional mandate given by 54 million Brazilians, democratically in elections, which has despoiled and thus “murdered” the democracy in Brazil by deposing President Rousseff.

Through 180 days of tenacious campaign of vilification and lies, with the support of the international Right, and with the coverage of media in service of big capital, they have orchestrated a coup that sought not only to undermine democracy but also carry out an offensive strategy against all progressive governments in Latin America.

Many believe that the country’s most corrupt and venal politicians impeached President Rousseff of the Brazilian Workers Party (PT). At the UN General Assembly in New York in September, representatives from Bolivia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador and Nicaragua walked out on newly installed Brazilian president, Michel Temer, Rouseff’s vice president, saying they would not listen to an illegitimate leader.

We also denounce US intervention in the impeachment in Brazil and all similar politically motivated intervention happening in the Latin American region. Countries like Bolivia, Ecuador, Venezuela and others have been constantly attacked through various ways.

Finally, we support all the people who came out to the streets to defend their democracy. We call for international solidarity around the world to defend peoples’ struggle to protect democracy, a democracy based on peoples’ power.

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