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Posted on 11 July 2019


Systemic change for sustainable development

Trends so far present the need for comprehensive and systemic changes. Experts indeed see a need for "a fundamental, system-wide reorganization across technological, economic and social factors, including paradigms, goals and values.” A genuine system change would understandably encounter opposition from “ those with interests vested in the status quo," such as corporate giants, elites and benefiting governments, but also that "such opposition can be overcome for the broader public good.” x

Transformative shifts—away from neoliberal norms, the monopolistic and extractive capitalism and elite leadership in governments—are required at local, national and international levels. A corresponding people-centred sustainable development, on the other hand, requires the basic reversal of shrinking civic spaces. It must work with the people’s organisations and civil society already asserting the rights of workers, farmers, indigenous peoples, the urban and rural poor, including the right to social services and the right to shape national development paths. It must therefore create room for the active and substantive participation in development and governance processes, founded on people’s sovereignty. #


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