Current News

It has been some weeks since the Global Climate Strike and yet animated conversations continue to take place around the need for a swift and adequate climate action vis-à-vis the reality of the climate emergency.

The High-level Dialogue (HLD) on Financing for Development, held 26 Sept 2019, was reduced to a mere talk shop promoting private capital.

Civil society organizations are concerned that economic and political policies remain incoherent with the climate agenda.

Today's unfolding political context in Senegal, amid increasing threats of corporate-led resource plunder, warrants a closer look into the situation in the country.

Previous commitments and today’s emerging issues in development cooperation require deepening commitment to people’s rights, according to IBON International.

The implementation of the current development agenda, especially the questions of financing, deserve closer inspection in today's context of protracted crisis and rising inequalities.

As the HLPF opens in 2019, the agenda for sustainable development remains at a critical point today amid a worsening climate crisis, shrinking democratic spaces and economic models exploitative to both peoples and natural resources.