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9 Dec 2015
Climate Activists raise alarm bells vs corporate capture of climate

Climate justice activists gathered at the Climate Action Zone in Paris during the COP 21 to raise the alarm on the corporate capture of climate at the global policy levels, and also at the implementation climate-related policies at national and community levels.

8 Dec 2015
Women Rise for Climate Justice at COP21

Women activists, grassroots leaders, and advocates danced the One Billion Rising at the Climate Action Zone in Paris during the COP21 to demand governments to set emission cut targets that will hold global warming under 1.5 degrees Celsius and provide reparations for the climate debt incurred by developed counties because of their unsustainable consumption and production practices.

12 Jul 2019
AIIB 2019: Intensified Corporatization of Development and Dirtier Energy

As its membership and project portfolio continue to grow, social movements have raised the alarm on the AIIB ushering in an expanded era of corporatization of development and environmental unsustainability.

14 Jun 2019
The United States’ Lockheed Martin: Rights violations at home and abroad

Lockheed Martin's arms sales makes war more likely and drives human rights violations.

22 Feb 2019
From the Wet’suwet’en to West Papuans: Continuing indigenous peoples’ struggles

Indigenous peoples from around the world continue their strong assertions of their right to self-determination as the first months of 2019 march on.

27 Dec 2018
World Bank “solutions” still sugarcoat failed economic assumptions

In this previously unpublished article, our executive director, Amy Padilla, reflects on the IMF-World Bank Annual Meetings and the parallel People's Global Conference held in October 2018.

26 Apr 2018
US speaking tour on PH rights concerns continues; calls for justice ring out for deported HR defender

A series of talks and forums on Philippine rights concerns kicked off with events in Washington DC from 20 to 23 April 2018.

26 Nov 2015
Les accords de libre-échange européens sapent la lutte contre le changement

Selon l'OMS, chaque année le changement climatique tue en moyenne 140 000 personnes, tout en détériorant les déterminants environnementaux de la santé tels que l'alimentation, l'eau, ou l'habitat. 95 % des décès dus à des catastrophes naturelles ont lieu dans des pays du Sud.

18 Jul 2015
DC Tribunal on the Philippines Begins, Testimonies Articulate Human Rights Crisis Under Aquino

Nearly 200 flocked to Catholic University of America yesterday for the opening of the International Peoples’ Tribunal (IPT). Victims and families of victims of gross human rights abuses from the Philippines travelled to DC to testify in front a distinguished panel of jurors.

24 Apr 2015
Trans-Pacific Partnership: U.S. strategy to take over Asia

The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA), a multilateral free trade agreement (FTA) in Asia-Pacific being negotiated by 12 countries (the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Vietnam, Chile, Canada, Mexico and Peru), was the subject of the public forum, "What’s wrong with partnership? An Asian perspective on the Trans-Pacific Partnership."


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