FIDC Asia Regional Forum


FIDC Asia-Pacific towards Stronger International Solidarity.

Representatives of workers, peasants, indigenous peoples, minority nationalities, migrants, women, youth and other social movements in the Asia-Pacific region, gathered at the University of the Philippines Diliman in Quezon City, Philippines on 2-3 July 2011 for the Asia Regional Forum of the FIDC, a network of social movements in Latin America, Africa, Asia, and Europe. During these two days, participants discussed the burning questions that affect today’s world, as well as Asia’s nations and peoples, and the range of collective responses that are available to them. Most importantly, they have decided to launch the FIDC for Asia and the Pacific to strengthen international solidarity among peoples and social movements in the region.


FIDC Asia-Pacific towards Stronger International SolidarityDuring the first day of the workshop, the economic and political crises were discussed from the viewpoints of multiple sectors. After which, the participants were divided according to Asian sub-regional groupings to identify issues and challenges in their respective sub-region that they think should be addressed through and by civil society and social movements.


In the second day, the break-out groups selected three key campaigns from the long list of issues that will be taken on as FIDC Asia-Pacific, identified mechanisms for coordination and proposed a list of activities in the run-up to the VI FIDC.

The Forum concluded with the signing of the FIDC Unity Statement. In the Statement, the signatories strongly recognize how the bankruptcy of the neoliberal capitalist paradigm is in fact bringing the world’s civilizations into the brink of disaster in the past two decades. The same period has witnessed the rise or rediscovery of alternative paradigms. A need arises, therefore, to build consensus in adopting new strategies for resistance and struggle for social change as well as urgent solutions to the crisis that are beneficial to the peoples of Asia, especially the poor and marginalized.

To respond to this need, the FIDC Asia-Pacific is launched as an open platform for civil society and social movements in the region to strengthen international solidarity, people-to-people exchange, promote mutual learning, coordinate actions, conduct common campaigns and reach out to more people’s organizations and social movements throughout Asia and the Pacific. A strong platform for social movements in Asia is crucial not only to strengthen international solidarity with peoples and movements in Africa, Latin America as well as in North America and Europe but more significantly, strengthen people’s resistance against imperialism and people’s capacity for building democratic alternatives for the wellbeing of all.



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