International fact-finding mission: Dire rights situation as Martial Law continues in southern Philippines : Page 3 of 3

Posted on 28 February 2018

IBON International. Titled “Duterte Killings Continue,” it tells case stories of state terror and attacks on people’s rights from 2016 to 2017. The book can be downloaded here.

“With this publication and the facts we gathered in this recent ISM, we plan to bring our observations and recommendations to the parliaments and governments of different countries,” Murphy said.

An International People’s Tribunal on the Duterte administration’s crimes will be held later this 2018.

ICHRP vowed to heighten the global campaign, given the persisting need for responses to the grim rights situation under the Duterte administration: “International solidarity is the response of oppressed peoples and advocates of just and lasting peace to fascist and authoritarian regimes like Duterte’s. We will not relent in our consistent support for the campaigns of the Filipino people for human and people’s rights in the Philippines and elsewhere.”

The forum on the impacts of Martial Law and on the findings of the ISM was held in partnership with Karapatan, ICHRP, Mindanaoans for Civil Liberties, and the Moro and indigenous peoples’ alliance SANDUGO. #


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