CPDE, Programme Assistant

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Job Description: 

Key contacts:

 Travel agencies, international hotels, teleconference service providers, IBON International Administrative  and Finance Unit, etc.

Issue date and deadline


 Application deadline:

Location of work


Contract duration

 One-year with 6 months probation; renewable


Key responsibilities

Key elements

% time

Logistics Preparation

·     Canvasses options for travel logistics, e.g. air and land transport fares and routes, and ensures prompt approval from the IBON Administrative and Finance Unit
·     Drafts travel advisories for approval of the Program Managers/Officers
·     Coordinates with IBON International Administration regarding publications and other materials for transport and ensures prompt and efficient delivery systems as needed in the regional and country level consultation
·     Proposes best options for teleconference service
·     Prepares documents and office supplies requirements for meetings and conferences
·     Provides support in the processing of required travel documents


Documentation and Information Management

·     Provides support to the Program Managers/Officers in ensuring recording of meetings and conferences, and in preparing written documentation of meetings
·     Provides support to the Program Managers/Officers in the collection of information and consolidation of data of the consultations
·     Organise and back-up records of meetings, documents produced, and administrative and financial files related in the performance of the tasks of the Program Manager/Officer in relation to the Program


Budget preparation, disbursement, and liquidation

·     Drafts detailed activity budgets in coordination with the IBON Financial Officer
·     Disburses in accordance to approved activity budget
·     Liquidates expended funds for noting of the Secretariat staff and approval of the IBON Financial Officer
·     Organises financial files in relation to the operations of the Secretariat



·     Provides over-all support to the administrative requirements of the Program
·     Participates in the activities of the Program when needed



 Person specifications: experience, skills and knowledge

 1) Essential experience:        

§  At least One year work experience on relevant and/ or related field
§  Organising program and activity files
§  Exposure in working with CSOs

 2) Desirable experience:

§  Involvement in short and fast-paced projects
§  Involvement in international operations

 3) Required aptitude, skills and knowledge:

§  Adept in standard administrative and financial systems
§  Ability to perform multi-tasks and work under pressure
§  Computer literate, at the minimum familiar with Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook
§  Good inter-personal skills

 4) Desirable aptitude, skills and knowledge:

§  Data gathering and data organising technologies
§  Basic proofreading

 4) Willingness to travel

 5) Commitment to CSO Partnership for Development Effectiveness (CPDE) purpose and objectives