Communications Officer

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Job Description: 

Key responsibilities


% time

Media Management

§  Translate and assist in the drafting of media releases and multimedia packages (including photos, presentation etc.) in support of selected advocacy and campaign activities of CPDE.

§  Provide support to the communications needs of CPDE as assigned, including staff work in relating to international media targets.

§  Assist in drafting communication plans, messages and propose forms, style and media that will most effectively deliver the messages to intended audiences.

§  Establish and maintain media relations with relevant media partners. 


Stakeholder Communication / Translation

§  Ensure that all important communication exchanges within the CSO Partnership are translated to Spanish

§  Ensure that all key documents for public communication are translated to Spanish.

§  Assist in monitoring internal communications in between regional, sub-regional, and sectoral focal points and relevant WGs.


Social Media / Online Communication

§  Ensure that all social media posts and updates are translated to Spanish.

§  Ensure that all website content are translated to Spanish.

§  Ensure that all audio-visual outputs and presentations are translated to Spanish.


Working Group


§  Coordinate and consult with members of the Communications Working Group on day-to-day activities , important decisions and implementation of communications plan.



§  Actively participate in collective planning and evaluation of the CPDE annual and detailed work plans.

§  Perform any other tasks assigned by the CPDE Programme Manager and CPDE Coordinator in line with the mandated tasks of Communications.




Person specifications: experience, skills and knowledge

 1) Essential experience:
   • Writing analytical and policy-level articles on international issues.
   • Management of publications. 
   • Work in a developing country and/or experience working with organisations from the Global South. 
 2) Desirable experience:
   • Producing online or multimedia products (web-based content, audio-visual presentation and the like) to civil society      organisations or decision-makers.
   • Involvement in an international network.
   • Involvement in an international campaign .
 3) Required aptitude, skills and knowledge:
   • Researching, writing, editing and copy-editing.
   • Public speaking.
   • Excellent inter-personal skills
   • Ability to work in a small team and to work collaboratively with other NGOs on media campaigns.
   • A very high standard of spoken and written Spanish.
   • Computer literate and familiar with Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook .
 4) Desirable aptitude, skills and knowledge:
   • Understanding current discourse on global issues relating to environment, development, democracy and
     human rights policies.
   • Internet literate and familiar with search engines and basic website maintenance.
   • Professional fluency in Spanish.
 5) Willingness to travel