Membership Engagement Officer

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Job Description: 

Key responsibilities

Key elements

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Members engagement and services

  • Develop strategies to ensure engagement and consolidation of existing members, and outreach to prospective members
  • Follow-up with members on a periodic basis to stay abreast of new developments, new and evolving needs, etc.
  • Track member participation in different CPDE events
  • Serve as staff support person for the Membership Committee
  • Support the CPDE Co-chair for Membership and Governance, in carrying out her/his functions to the platform
  • Monitor compliance of members to different platform protocols, e.g. Protocol on the Ways of Working, Information Protocol, Implementing Country Focus
  • Serve as reference person on issues related to the implementation of the Protocols
  • Respond to enquiries about membership at CPDE and do needed follow-up
  • Manage the member sign-up page of the CPDE website
  • Manage and update lists of membership database, etc.
  • Carry out all decisions made by Coordination Committee and Global Council in relation to membership engagement


Coordination with CPDE units

  • Coordinate the work and operations of CPDE units, in particular close collaboration with respective secretariats and focal organisations
  • Ensure periodic meetings and assessments with units to discuss challenges, as well as build unities around constituency operations
  • Liaise between the members and the Global Secretariat on matters in relation to membership and coordination


Capacity development on policy research, advocacy and mobilisation

  • Track progress of CSO Partnership capacity on policy research, advocacy and mobilization against the Organisational Capacity Assessment (OCA)
  • Develop guidelines, tools and resources to facilitate implementation of OCA recommendations of CPDE constituencies
  • Ensure the availability of appropriate learning materials necessary for the conduct of capacity development activities on policy research, advocacy and mobilization
  • In terms of the implementation of the Istanbul Principles, coordinate with the Working Group on CSO Development Effectiveness in line with the implementation of constituencies of the Istanbul Principles and International Framework, especially at the global and regional levels


Country work

  • Serve as focal point for platform initiatives on country work, in particular develop support and monitoring mechanisms, consistent with the CPDE Country Focus Document


Outreach to new Constituencies


  • Implement decisions of the Global Council on constituency expansion
  • Ensure that expansion of constituencies is in keeping with the criteria, process and mechanisms set-forth by the Outreach Committee


Internal communications and knowledge sharing

  • Work with the Network Manager and Communications Officer/s in ensuring dissemination of information related to outreach and capacity development activities
  • Facilitate sharing of resources among and between sectors and regions relevant to capacity development and outreach



  • Draft narrative/progress, assessment and other relevant reports related to Membership and Capacity Development component of the EC Project for submission to the Planning, Monitoring, & Evaluation Officer and EC Project Manager
  • Liaise with and advise Project Manager, Co-chairs, CC and GC on the results of the capacity development and outreach of the EC Project
  • Any other tasks assigned by the IBON Executive Director, CPDE Executive Secretary, Programme Manager, and Network Manager that will further the position objective