ROA AP. Coordinator

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Job Description: 

Position purpose:

IBON International responds to international demand to provide support in research and education to peoples’ movements and grassroots empowerment and advocacy and links these to international initiatives and networks.  IBON International initiates and implements international programmes, develops and hosts international networks, initiates and participates in international advocacy campaigns, and establishes regional and country offices where necessary and appropriate. IBON hosts the Secretariat of the Reality of Aid Network – Asia Pacific.

The Head of the Regional Secretariat will provide network management support to the ROA-AP SC and CPDE-AP CC to ensure that the activities indicated under its programme plan are resourced and implemented effectively.  As such, the Secretariat Head will be responsible for the day-to-day direction, coordination, implementation, control and completion of activities of the ROA-AP and CPDE-AP secretariat. The Secretariat Head will coordinate with and get guidance from the ROA-AP SC and CPDE-AP CC regarding strategic objectives and outcomes.  The Secretariat Head will likewise supervise the Secretariat staff assigned to the ROA-AP in the management of the funds raised against its programme proposals. At all times, the Secretariat Head will ensure the compliance of the Secretariat to all the contractual obligations entered into by the ROA-AP SC and CPDE-AP CC. The Secretariat Head is accountable to both the IBON International as the sponsor of the regional secretariat of the ROA-AP, to the ROA-AP SC, to the CPDE-AP CC, and reports annually on the over-all status of activities and finances.

The successful candidate may have to be a competent manager who is able to mobilise programme staff and member organisations to implement network project activities. S/he will be familiar with the emerging discourses on aid and development effectiveness; and has experience working with diverse civil society organisations, bilateral and multi-lateral donors.   S/he will need to speak and write English to a very high standard.  A working knowledge of French and/or Spanish will be desirable.



Key Responsibilities Key elements % time
Network management & coordination


·    Ensures execution of work plans as indicated in the approved programme proposal and based on guidance provided by the ROA-AP SC and CPDE-AP CC;

·    Effectively communicates programme expectations to CPDE-AP CC members, ROA-AP SC, regional and sub-regional focal persons, country partners, and implementing organisations, in a timely and clear fashion;

·    Manages day-to-day operational aspects of the secretariat;

·    Is responsible for the ROA website’s content and maintainance with the assistance of the webmaster and the rest of the secretariat staff;

·    Coordinates the policy development and advocacy work of the regional secretariat;

·    Organises and facilitates ROA-AP meetings, workshops and other events under the responsibility of the regional secretariat;

·    Prepares for engagement reviews and quality assurance procedures;

·    Ensures RoA-AP documents are complete, current, and stored appropriately;

·    Responds to ad-hoc project information requests from donors, ROA-AP SC, CPDE-AP CC, and other stakeholders;

·    Discusses and gets guidance from ROA-AP SC on issues pertaining to network management as  appropriate;

·    Liaises with ROA-AP’s donors on programme management concerns.

Project management & coordination


·    Act as over-all Project