Translation/Communications Officer for French

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Job Description: 

Key responsibilities


% time

Translation work, including translation work management


  • Ensure translation (either in-house or outsource translation) of all materials deemed relevant by the Global Secretariat as per the current CPDE Translation Guidelines. This sometimes includes back-translating into English. Materials for translation include internal communications with non English-speaking regional, sub-regional, and sectoral focal points and relevant WGs.
  • Guided by the CPDE Translation Guidelines, help identify documents that are required to be translated for the constituencies and public. This task will be completed under direct supervision of the Network Manager.
  • Manage outsourcing of translation work, including preparing files with WordFast Pro 5, calculating the budget and turnaround time and overseeing payments to the translators as per CPDE Outsourcing Guidelines together with Finance Manager.
  • Proofread outsourced translations in order to ensure quality; maintain an internal quality monitoring of our vendors.
  • Liaise and ensure good relationship with a pool of external translators; whenever feasible, provide feedback to the external vendor after delivery.
  • Maintain and develop a pool of external professional translators.
  • Maintain and develop existing glossaries and translation memories in Spanish/French used within the platform.
  • Develop and improve processes in the Translation/Communications units as deemed necessary.


Communications work
(mostly social media/online communication)

  • Assist the Communications unit in the drafting of media releases and multimedia packages (including photos, presentation etc.) in support of selected CPDE advocacy and campaign activities.
  • Provide support to CPDE communications needs as requested by Network Manager/Communications Officer.
  • Assist in drafting communication plans, messages and propose forms, style and media that will most effectively deliver CPDE messages to intended audiences.


Coordination with relevant constituencies

  • Coordinate with constituencies needing translation, bridging information exchange between the various levels of CPDE constituencies.
  • Occasional bilateral interpreting during meetings with non-English speaking partners.



  • Actively participate in collective planning and evaluation of CPDE communications, annual and detailed work plans.
  • Perform any other tasks assigned by CPDE Executive Secretary, Network Manager and Programme Manager in line with the mandated tasks of Communications.



  Person specifications: experience, skills and knowledge

1) Essential experience:

  • Background in translation/translation project management
  • Good writing, editing and copy-editing skills
  • Computer literate and familiar with Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook/Mozilla Thunderbird

2) Essential aptitudes, skills and knowledge:

  • A native or very high standard of spoken and written French
  • Excellent inter-personal and time management skills
  • Internet literate and familiar with search engines, particularly terminological resources
  • Ability to work in a small team and to work collaboratively with other NGOs on media campaigns

3) Desirable experience:

  • Experience with computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools, in particular WordFast
  • Involvement in an international organisation or an international campaign
  • Work in a developing country and/or experience working with organisations from the Global South

4) Desirable aptitude, skills and knowledge:

  • Understanding current discourse on global issues relating to development effectiveness, climate justice, democracy and human rights policies
  • Previous experience in drafting communications materials such as press releases, statements, etc.

5) Willingness to travel and to live in Manila