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IBON International supports Climate Walk, urges more mass actions for climate justice
October 13, 2014 statement

IBON International supports the Climate Walk led by Philippine climate change envoy Naderev Saño as they embark on a 40-day journey to pay homage to communities impacted by the climate crisis in the Philippines and all over the world, and to demand climate justice.   Read more...

PCFS launches new edition of book on agrarian reform
Neoliberal Subversion of Agrarian Reform, 2nd ed.

A new edition of the book Neoliberal Subversion of Agrarian Reform, first published eight years ago, is now available after its simultaneous double launch in Penang, Malaysia and Yogyakarta, Indonesia on September 25. The book was launched by the People’s Coalition on Food Sovereignty (PCFS) together with IBON International and IBON Institute for International Development (I3D) in cooperation with the Pesticide Action Network – Asia Pacific (PAN-AP) and GRAIN-Asia.   Read more...

Climate change 'back at the top of the political agenda', but grueling talks remain ahead
IBON International Update #3 (2014)

The UN Climate Summit, held right after a 400,000-strong People’s Climate March thundered through 80 blocks of New York City streets, appears to have derived extra energy from the gigantic street demonstration. Both events have attracted tremendous media attention worldwide and have certainly combined to “put climate change back at the top of the political agenda”—in the short term. The question remains, however: Will the momentum be sustained and provide enough power to break the deadlock in the climate talks, which has stalled climate action in previous years? Read more...

400,000-strong People’s Climate March on eve of summit
IBON International Update #2 (2014)

On the eve of the UN Climate Summit, an estimated 400,000 people marched through the streets of Manhattan, New York City on Sept. 21, 2014 to highlight the seriousness of climate change and the urgency of meaningful climate action.    Read more...

No ‘New Deal’ with Climate, Inc.: For a People’s Protocol on Climate Change
IBON Int'l calls for new post-2015 climate protocol

IBON International, in solidarity with civil society organisations (CSOs) and people’s movements around the world, takes action for climate justice to demand a new Peoples’ Climate Protocol in 2015.  We demand a real ‘new deal’ grounded in climate justice, human rights, social equity, and participatory democracy, with a commitment to public financing and major shifts in prevailing economic paradigms to meet sustainable development objectives. Read more...

Open letter on the current Gaza crisis
Global and Arab CSO’s appeal to United Nations officials

An open letter dated July 17, 2014 has been drafted by several global civil society formations and representatives based in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), expressing sympathy with the people of Gaza and the rest of the Palestinian people, condemning the unjustified attacks by Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) on defenseless civilian communities, and calling on the United Nations and its human rights agencies to take urgent steps to safeguard the Gaza communities and uphold its people’s basic human rights and welfare.   Read more...

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