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IBON forum: Worsening global crises, social unrest in 2013
'Global campaigns must give broader shape to people's resistance worldwide'

“Even the United Nations now sees the risk of a synchronized global economic downturn in 2013-2014.” This was one of the more interesting messages presented at a recent forum on international trends and prospects held in the University of the Philippines Diliman. Some 100 people, mostly representing people's organisations and academic institutions, attended the January 16 forum.  Read more...

Towards a just and transformative post-2015 development agenda
Invitation for an Indonesia workshop

On January 22, 2013, IBON International, WALHI, INDIES, PCFS and APRN are inviting peoples’ organizations, social movements and non-government organisations from across Indonesia to a workshop titled “Towards a Just and Transformative Post-2015 Development Agenda”   Read more...

Doha COP 18: Gateway to more climate injustice
IBON International Statement on the Doha outcomes

In the face of Doha's failure and worsening climate change impacts, social movements, civil society and communities in the North and the South must reinvigorate efforts to organize and mobilize people, resist false solutions, resist operations of big business that contribute to climate change, build alternative systems, and set the world on the path to sustainability from the ground up.   Read more...

US and EU must show leadership and responsibility in climate talks
IBON International Outlook

The US often projects a self-ascribed role of acting for the benefit of others in the world. At COP18 it, along with the EU, must move beyond a concern for its interests alone, and live up to its obligation to act for the other people inhabiting this planet. The world’s richest have both the responsibility and power to breath life into a process they have done much to stall – at the expense of the world’s poorest. If they do not, then the cost, which will be measured in human lives, will be on their shoulders. Read more...

COP to be sidelined by High-Level Forum in 2014?
IBON International Update #8 from Doha COP18

As COP18 slowly draws to a close, much doubt remains as to whether agreement on immediate and meaningful measures to tackle climate change will be reached--hardened by unconfirmed reports that UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon may convene a High-Level Forum on Climate Change in 2014, which could take the momentum away from the COP process with ministers reluctant to make commitments in advance of the high-level forum.  Read more...

Key issues lost in ‘Loss and Damage’ talks
IBON International Update #7 from Doha COP18

It has become obvious that the continued lack of mitigation ambition and inadequate resources to implement adaptation actions are causing increasing suffering and significant loss and damages of assets and properties in poor and vulnerable countries. M. Shamsuddoha, Chief Executive of the Center for Participatory Research and Development (CPRD), reports on the state of expected COP-18 deliverables on "loss and damage".   Read more...

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