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Decent work for all

Time for a new paradigm of development based on decent work

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Time for a new paradigm
By Sharan Burrow

These are truly times for anger. The world is barely re-emerging from the deepest economic crisis in a century, yet the very policies and mindset that caused the problem in ...

What does wage-led growth mean in developing countries with large informal employment?
By Jayati Ghosh

The past decade has been one in which export-led economic strategies have come to be seen as the most successful, driven by the apparent success of two countries in particular ...

A new era of social justice based on decent work
By Juan Somavia

It is time to build a new era of social justice on a foundation of decent work. Recent events flashing across the world’s television screens have brought into sharp focus ...


Nine months to deliver: tipping point to make development aid effective
By BetterAid, Open Forum

BRUSSELS, March 23. Days after officials at the OECD made plans towards the Fourth High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness (HLF4), more than 80 representatives of civil society ...

Libya Intervention Threatens The Arab Spring
By Phyllis Bennis

Despite its official UN-granted legality, the credibility of Western military action in Libya is rapidly dwindling.

JAPAN: Vulnerability and Uncertainty Prevail In Wake of Nuclear Disaster
By Suvendrini Kakuchi

TOKYO, Mar 22, 2011 (IPS) - Accidents at four nuclear power reactors hit by the earthquake and tsunami in Fukushima have left thousands of residents in the vicinity facing an ...

International Festival for Peoples' Rights and Struggles
By IFPRIS Secretariat

Resistance movements are sweeping the globe in response to the global crisis of the world capitalist system. 


Wisconsin Awakens a Sleeping Giant
By Sarah van Gelder and Brooke Jarvis

As Wisconsin's attack on workers spreads to other states, so does the historic uprising that began in Madison. In one sense, the struggle over union rights in Wisconsin is over. ...

Mondragon worker co-ops ride out global slump
By John Ballantyne

Europe and the United States continue to suffer levels of economic stagnation and joblessness not seen since the 1930s. But the small town of Mondragón in the mountainous Basque region ...

EDSA and the Philippine Economy: 25 years after
By Sonny Africa

The 1986 People Power uprising in the Philippines created a moment of national unity and international credibility that could have been the starting point of real economic progress.  

Europe's Austerity: Like Something Out of the Brothers Grimm
By Conn Hallinan

* In the Greek town of Aphidal, people have stopped paying road fees. In Athens, bus and metro riders are refusing to cough up the price of a ticket. On ...


By Jeff Leins



Global employment trends
by James Bernabe

205 million Number of unemployed globally in 2010, 27.6 million higher than in 2007