IBON International regularly generates publications such as primers, policy papers and positions, and other information products as a major contribution to knowledge building and raising awareness on contemporary development issues, especially in major areas of IBON’s advocacy.

Our publications, and other information resources as well, are regularly posted here, either as files for readers to browse through or download directly or as embedded links to other sites where they are also available.

Date Posted Type Title
2007 Jul 22 Sunday EDUCATION FOR DEVELOPMENT MAGAZINE Enforced Disappearances: An Act of Terror (July-August 2007)
2007 May 22 Tuesday EDUCATION FOR DEVELOPMENT MAGAZINE After the May Elections: Discontent & Instability (May-June 2007)
2007 Mar 22 Thursday EDUCATION FOR DEVELOPMENT MAGAZINE Tribunal verdict vs. Arroyo: GUILTY (March-April 2007)
2007 Jan 22 Monday EDUCATION FOR DEVELOPMENT MAGAZINE Are Biofuels the Answer? (January-February 2007)
2006 Nov 30 Thursday Photo Gallery Human Rights and Climate Change rally
1999 Nov 30 Tuesday Photo Gallery To Oppose FTAs Making People Matter An FTA Strategy Workshop
1999 Nov 30 Tuesday Photo Gallery Regional Forum on the Economic and Financial Crisis
1999 Nov 30 Tuesday Photo Gallery Global Civil Society Workshop on the Rio+20 Zero Draft and Rights for Sustainability
1999 Nov 30 Tuesday Photo Gallery IBON CJ programme
1999 Nov 30 Tuesday Photo Gallery APRN Women Conference