IBON International regularly generates publications such as primers, policy papers and positions, and other information products as a major contribution to knowledge building and raising awareness on contemporary development issues, especially in major areas of IBON’s advocacy.

Our publications, and other information resources as well, are regularly posted here, either as files for readers to browse through or download directly or as embedded links to other sites where they are also available.

Date Posted Type Title
2013 Feb 15 Friday POLICY BRIEFS On Promoting Equality for Sustainable Development
2013 Feb 13 Wednesday POLICY BRIEFS Green Economy: Gain or Pain for the Earth's Poor?
2013 Feb 11 Monday POLICY BRIEFS SDGs: Can they promote sustainable development?
2013 Feb 09 Saturday POLICY BRIEFS Climate Finance: Key Issues for Durban
2013 Jan 28 Monday EDUCATION FOR DEVELOPMENT MAGAZINE Africa Rising: Growth for Whom? (January-February 2013)
2013 Jan 20 Sunday POLICY BRIEFS A Development Agenda for 2015 and Beyond
2013 Jan 19 Saturday POLICY BRIEFS The UNFCCC and Climate Politics after COP 15
2013 Jan 12 Saturday POLICY BRIEFS Addressing the Drivers of the Global Rush for Farmland Acquisitions
2013 Jan 09 Wednesday POLICY BRIEFS The World Bank and Climate Change Finance
2013 Jan 05 Saturday POLICY BRIEFS What is missing in the G-20 agenda?