Justice for the farmers, land rights defenders in the global South!: Page 2 of 2

Posted on 17 April 2019

are closely linked with the conditions of landlessness and rural poverty, and thus pose immense roadblocks to the rights of smallholder farmers and landless peasants.

Rural development and agrarian reform in the global South will only create outcomes for the poorest if they are led by farmers and their organisations.We urge civil society organisations and people’s organisations to express support and solidarity with Southern farmers’ organisations and land defenders asserting their rights and sovereignty.

Existing farmers’ campaigns today to take back lands from corporate and landlord monopoly show toiling sectors actively shaping the trajectory of their own economic life, asserting their right to actively participate in, contribute to, and enjoy the fruits of economic and social development. In their exercise of people’s sovereignty, farmers are able to take back their right to lands, livelihood, and resources.

These instances of collective action are seeds for a rights-based and people-powered democracy – one founded on the rights of toiling sectors and their vital roles in political and economic decision-making as well as development processes in the cities and countryside. These also serve as examples of sustainable development paths led by the people. #