Stand in solidarity with Philippine HRDs amid new wave of crackdowns: Page 2 of 2

Posted on 6 November 2019

(UNHRC) approving a resolution last July for greater scrutiny and accountability. The currently dark trajectory must be reversed, away from silencing of people’s voices towards people’s substantive participation in political and economic processes, including in relation to development.

IBON International reiterates movements’ calls to hold Philippine state actors accountable and bring justice for the victims of the “anti-drug” campaigns and the militarist “security” operations. Following the UNHRC resolution, we call on the international community, governments and progressive parliamentarians to create conditions viable for further action on the current rights situation, ranging from ending United States’ military aid supportive of police and military rights violations in the Philippines, to continuing an impartial UNHRC-led probe. The defense of civil-political rights—especially of land rights defenders, unionists and women’s organisations—is a requisite for the people's exercise of sovereignty in determining and leading their economic and development paths. #

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