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Posted on 12 March 2018

of the poor and marginalised in both the cities and the countrysides? Is the administration wary that development workers and civil society voices would reveal the rising poverty caused by the state’s dogged obedience to the discredited policy track of neoliberalism?

IBON International expresses solidarity with the rights defenders and advocates falsely accused of being “terrorists”. We call on the Filipino people and the international community to be ever more watchful of the administration’s sleights of hand in crushing people’s voices.

We call on our friends and allies to raise their voices against the unfounded and dangerous accusations and the perils of shrinking civil society space in the country.

We strongly demand that the Duterte administration and the DOJ stop this injustice against advocates on pretexts of the problematic Human Security Act. We demand that the government end its current “war on drugs,” the killings of farmers and indigenous peoples, and its anti-development economic policy -- all of which devastate the poor and marginalised and are injustices to Filipino peoples’ rights.

Activism is not terrorism! Stop the criminalisation of rights defenders! Fight tyranny!

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