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16 Oct 2019
From New York to Santiago de Chile: Navigating the road to climate justice

It has been some weeks since the Global Climate Strike and yet animated conversations continue to take place around the need for a swift and adequate climate action vis-à-vis the reality of the climate emergency.

23 May 2013
PCFS breakthroughs in LatAm and the Caribbean

VALPARAISO, Chile—An international conference on Women on Small-Scale Fisheries was held last June 5-7 composed of delegations from Costa Rica, Brazil, Nicaragua, Peru, Honduras, Salvador, and parts of Chile. The event was organized by the National Confederation of Artisanal Fishermen of Chile (CONAPACH) to discuss issues faced by artisanal fisherfolk and the national fishing law in Chile. Other matters also included in the discussion were issues concerning the Voluntary Guidelines for Small-Scale Fisherfolk of FAO and the discrimination on women’s work in the sea.

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