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3 Apr 2014
IBON Int'l representative delivers a speech at the 10th Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals

Maria Theresa Nera-Lauron of IBON International and the Campaign for Peoples’ Goals speaks at the Tenth Session of the Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals.

20 Feb 2014
Southern CSOs: 'We demand a climate fund for people and planet, not private profit'

Southern civil society organizations issued a statement, dated February 19, on the occasion of the Sixth Meeting of the Green Climate Fund Board in Bali, Indonesia. Some 28 CSOs, including IBON International, signed the statement demanding a Green Climate Fund "that serves the welfare of people and planet and not private profit."

24 Nov 2013
Last-minute compromises in COP 19 fail to deliver positive outcomes

COP 19, the UN climate talks in Warsaw, is running out of time. It is threatened with complete breakdown as major disagreements continue, with heated debates continuing throughout the night in the final stretch of the two-week-long international meeting.

24 Nov 2013
Commitments lost, ambitions damaged: No outcome in sight from Warsaw climate talks

After grueling days of intense negotiations between developed and developing countries, this year’s climate summit failed to produce meaningful outcomes to address climate change.

18 Nov 2013
IBON calls for climate justice, supports Saño stand on urgent climate action

Philippine delegation head Naderev Saño’s crusade for urgent climate action received strong support today from IBON International, as the Philippines continued to reel from the staggering impact of super typhoon Haiyan while the COP 19 climate talks unfold in Warsaw, Poland.

27 Aug 2013
IBON Primer on Climate Finance

Clearly, poor people in the developing world who contributed least to climate change are also the first and foremost affected by it.

9 Feb 2013
Climate Finance: Key Issues for Durban

Poor people especially in the developing world are already bearing the negative impacts of climate change. Because drastic mitigation through substantive reduction in GHG emissions especially from the industrialized North has yet to take off, climate change is likely to get worse and extend further into the future. It threatens to undermine a wide range of human rights of present and future generations. It also threatens to push people into poverty and underdevelopment, and lock millions deeper into it. Adaptation is looking to be a long-term requirement poor countries are most compelled but least equipped to undertake. They need a system that will deliver adequate and effective financing for climate action, especially adaptation.

19 Jan 2013
The UNFCCC and Climate Politics after COP 15

This policy brief reviews the dismal (albeit unofficial) results of the 2009 climate summit contained in the Copenhagen Accord, and raises questions about the Accord’s implications to the multilateral climate process going forward. The paper finds that the unequal, growth-/profit-centered economic model—and the intractable commitment by major polluting economies and their elites thereto—as the main ecological and political obstacle to securing strong and just action towards climate stability. To address this, it proposes that, instead of being abandoned, the international climate effort under the UNFCCC must be upheld and broadened to include a transition to an alternative model of development based both on equity and sustainability.

10 Dec 2012
Doha COP 18: Gateway to more climate injustice

In the face of Doha's failure and worsening climate change impacts, social movements, civil society and communities in the North and the South must reinvigorate efforts to organize and mobilize people, resist false solutions, resist operations of big business that contribute to climate change, build alternative systems, and set the world on the path to sustainability from the ground up.

6 Dec 2012
US and EU must show leadership and responsibility in climate talks

The US often projects a self-ascribed role of acting for the benefit of others in the world. At COP18 it, along with the EU, must move beyond a concern for its interests alone, and live up to its obligation to act for the other people inhabiting this planet. The world’s richest have both the responsibility and power to breath life into a process they have done much to stall – at the expense of the world’s poorest. If they do not, then the cost, which will be measured in human lives, will be on their shoulders.


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