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29 Aug 2019
Corporate land exploitation and climate change: Reflections on the IPCC Special Report on Climate Change and Land

The report validates civil society’s critique that big agricultural transnational corporations must stand accountable for contributing to ecological land degradation and the current climate catastrophe.

19 Nov 2019
Reframing international policies: Towards a people-powered, sustainable consumption and production

Systemic change needs to break with the continued emphasis on corporate roles in the agenda of sustainability.

28 Aug 2019
Senegal today: Corporate resource extraction, corruption

Today's unfolding political context in Senegal, amid increasing threats of corporate-led resource plunder, warrants a closer look into the situation in the country.

12 Dec 2018
Chevron: A Well-Oiled Profit Machine

Read our second issue of TNC Watch, on the OceanaGold Corporation, for more.

30 Aug 2018
OceanaGold in the global South: Golden opportunities for profits

Read our first TNC Watch paper, on the OceanaGold Corporation, for more.

28 Oct 2017
Global "binding treaty" for TNCs to answer for rights abuses on the table in UN

A legally binding treaty that aims to make transnational corporations (TNCs) accountable for human rights violations is currently under negotiation in a United Nations Working Group.

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