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22 May 2018
Side Event @ UN DCF: Human Rights-based Approaches in South-South Development Co-operation

The activity will bring together representatives from different stakeholder groups to discuss and share experiences and challenges in advancing human rights-based approach in South-South development cooperation, towards strengthened partnerships in its active promotion.

24 Jan 2017
Global Partnership Must Put People over Profit to Meet “Leave No-one Behind” Challenge

The outcome document of the 2nd High-Level Meeting of the GPEDC, despite some significant drawbacks, can be a start in creating substantive change in global development processes.

22 Nov 2011
Primer on the Development Effectiveness of Civil Society Organizations

The primer on the Development Effectiveness of Civil Society Organizations reviews the on-going movement driven by civil society organizations (CSO) to raise concern on the issues of the “aid effectiveness” agenda, and their effort to push the reform toward a more comprehensive, rights-based approach of development effectiveness. It argues that CSOs are development actors in their own right, having a special concern for human rights, social justice, gender equality and sustainability, and are seriously concerned with ensuring effectiveness of the aid system not only from the limited concern of aid management and delivery but also with the full range of development effectiveness, including that of their own. It presents the determination of CSOs to challenge the ill-suited Paris Declaration principles and the need for CSOs to develop and abide by their own principles and mechanisms of development effectiveness principles. The primer outlines a set of principles based on a common framework of social solidarity and identifies conditions for an enabling environment to capacitate CSOs in conducting their affairs as development actors in their own right.

23 Mar 2015
Stocktaking of Progress on CSO Enabling Environment and CSO Accountability

CPDE, ROA-AP, in collaboration with the Asia Pacific Development Effectiveness Facility, will hold a one-day forum on March 25, 2015 to stock-take progress on CSO Enabling Environment and CSO Accountability.
Press Room #1, 4th Floor, New World Hotel, Makati City

17 Apr 2014
CSOs warn vs development ‘exclusively for global elites’

As over 1,500 development leaders gathered in Mexico City for the first High Level Meeting of the Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation (GPEDC), a global civil society platform warned that development must not “remain exclusive for the global elites while ordinary people are denied a life of dignity and justice.” The CSO Partnership for Development Effectiveness (CPDE), the open platform that participates in the GPEDC process, noted that principles for forging and pursuing a common development agenda had been arrived at in past summits, but implementation has been hampered by “lack of political will.”

23 Mar 2014
Shaping global accountability in development cooperation

How should an accountable and effective development cooperation look like in the new global development agenda that is being shaped? Various actors in the international development community participating in the just concluded High-Level Symposium of the United Nations Development Cooperation Forum (DCF) strived to contribute different, and sometimes conflicting, perspectives in this course-setting event.

1 Jul 2013
Civil society commits to Enabling Environment and Istanbul Principles

Around forty (40) civil society educators, facilitators and trainers gathered in Johannesburg, South Africa on June 25 to 27, 2013 to attend the first Global Training of Trainers (Global ToT) on CSO Development Effectiveness. The Global ToT was among the major activities of the CSO Partnership for Development Effectiveness (CPDE) through its Working Group on CSO Development Effectiveness (WG on CSO DE)* to reach out and encourage more civil society organizations to look closely into their organization’s praxis as accountable and effective independent development actors. The CPDE is the unified platform coming out from the two civil society processes, post-Busan High Level Forum IV, i.e. the Better Aid (BA) and the Open Forum on CSO Development Effectiveness (OF).

29 Jan 2012
Tujan on civil society’s role in Busan outcome document

The is an interview with Antonio Tujan Jr., IBON International Director, Co-Chair of BetterAid and sole civil society representative in the negotiations on the outcome document of the Fourth High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness (HLF4) held in Busan, South Korea in late 2011.

29 Nov 2011
Primer on Aid and Development Effectiveness: At a Crossroads at Busan?

From November 29 to December 1, 2011, the High Level Forum IV on Aid Effectiveness will be held in Busan, South Korea. Some 2,000 representatives of governments, multilateral organizations, civil society networks, parliaments, academics, private sector representatives and others will meet to take stock of the process of aid quality reform since 2003, and conclude the negotiations for a new agreement on the future of reform of development cooperation.

28 Nov 2011
Primer on ODA and Development Effectiveness

This primer reviews the history of ODA since World War II and identifies the major problems with the aid system. It reveals the yawning gap between aid rhetoric and aid practice. It also argues that current donor-led efforts to improve "aid effectiveness" fail to grapple with power asymmetries in aid relationships. The primer challenges the premises, priorities and the configuration of aid partnerships at present. It sketches an agenda for transforming the international aid architecture from one that serves the interests of elites in the North and South, to one that ensures the progressive realization of the human rights of the poor and the marginalized.


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