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9 Feb 2013
Climate Finance: Key Issues for Durban

Poor people especially in the developing world are already bearing the negative impacts of climate change. Because drastic mitigation through substantive reduction in GHG emissions especially from the industrialized North has yet to take off, climate change is likely to get worse and extend further into the future. It threatens to undermine a wide range of human rights of present and future generations. It also threatens to push people into poverty and underdevelopment, and lock millions deeper into it. Adaptation is looking to be a long-term requirement poor countries are most compelled but least equipped to undertake. They need a system that will deliver adequate and effective financing for climate action, especially adaptation.

4 Dec 2011
Human rights is key in ensuring development effectiveness in climate finance

UN Independent Expert on Foreign Debt and Human Rights Dr. Cephas Lumina yesterday called on the world’s leaders negotiating the future of the Green Climate Fund to ensure that climate financing is indeed “new and additional” money that would help those most impacted by the changing climate to realize their fundamental human rights.

4 Dec 2011
Farmers groups and advocates nix 'climate-smart agriculture'

The World Bank’s so-called triple win solutions of “Climate Smart Agriculture” drew heavy flak at a side event organized yesterday by five major civil society groups at the ongoing 17th Conference of Parties (COP17) meeting of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) here in Durban, South Africa.

3 Dec 2011
IBON side-events at the Durban climate summit

IBON International will be holding two side-events on climate finance in the coming Durban climate summit. “Improving development effectiveness in climate finance: challenges and opportunities” is an official COP17 side-event. “Financing climate justice: voices from the South” is a side-event in the summit’s alternative space called the “People’s Space.” People from government and civil society are invited to speak. The two side-events are co-organized with several other civil society organizations.

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