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18 Jul 2018
HLPF 2018: Where’s people’s development in the “transformation to sustainable and resilient societies”?

It is with awareness that some civil society organisations (CSOs) admit that the HLPF is a space that, from its first day, already has limits.

13 Jul 2019
Development financing: Eradicating poverty or private sector promotion?

The implementation of the current development agenda, especially the questions of financing, deserve closer inspection in today's context of protracted crisis and rising inequalities.

11 Jul 2019
Opportunities, challenges to sustainable development, as HLPF opens in 2019

As the HLPF opens in 2019, the agenda for sustainable development remains at a critical point today amid a worsening climate crisis, shrinking democratic spaces and economic models exploitative to both peoples and natural resources.

18 Jul 2018
To what extent could big business forward “sustainable consumption and production”?

Private sector role is seen to be important in "sustainable consumption and production" and more generally in today's development agenda.

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