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24 May 2017
Cordillera Day 2017: A Story of Vibrant Struggle for Rights

We look back at the Cordillera peoples' struggle against development aggression and other ills until the present. Their struggle manifests how rights are not just given but could be claimed through collective action.

30 Mar 2017
Upholding People's Rights amidst Global Crises

IBON International launched a book of case stories on the experiences of Philippine people’s organizations in claiming and defending rights in their communities.

29 Mar 2017
Launch of new book on People’s Rights and People’s Sovereignty

IBON International will launch a book of case stories of people's organizations claiming and asserting their rights.

24 Mar 2017
People’s Rights and Half a Decade of US Direct Intervention in Syria

US intervention in Syria has only worsened what was once an internal conflict, at the expense of the Syrian people's rights.

21 Sep 2019
Repression & Impunity: Continuing attacks on people's rights in the Philippines

This current volume would have achieved its objectives if it has managed to inform the reader concretely of the Philippine rights situation, the persisting norm of impunity and deterioration of institutions of the ruling elite.

14 Jul 2019
SLM must commit to deepen people’s rights for effective development cooperation

Previous commitments and today’s emerging issues in development cooperation require deepening commitment to people’s rights, according to IBON International.

13 Jul 2019
On the approval of the UNHRC resolution on the Philippine rights situation

On the resolution for increased scrutiny of the deteriorating rights situation in the Philippines was approved at the United Nations Human Rights Council.

14 Jun 2019
The United States’ Lockheed Martin: Rights violations at home and abroad

Lockheed Martin's arms sales makes war more likely and drives human rights violations.

10 Jun 2019
Annual Report 2018

On our third year of implementing the 2016-2020 Strategic Plan, IBON International has reaped successes as we strive for our vision of a prosperous, democratic society that is free from inequality and oppression.

22 Feb 2019
From the Wet’suwet’en to West Papuans: Continuing indigenous peoples’ struggles

Indigenous peoples from around the world continue their strong assertions of their right to self-determination as the first months of 2019 march on.


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