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12 Mar 2018
Stop the Duterte administration’s crackdown on rights defenders and people’s organisations!

IBON International joins various organisations in the Philippines and abroad in denouncing the Duterte administration’s tagging of Filipino rights advocates, activists and civil society as “terrorists”.

21 Sep 2019
Repression & Impunity: Continuing attacks on people's rights in the Philippines

This current volume would have achieved its objectives if it has managed to inform the reader concretely of the Philippine rights situation, the persisting norm of impunity and deterioration of institutions of the ruling elite.

9 Jul 2019
On the Philippine rights situation and int’l efforts to defend people’s rights

We join the ranks of civil society organisations (CSOs) and rights defenders in supporting international efforts for the defence of people’s rights in the Philippines.

5 Sep 2018
On the recent crackdown on Indian rights defenders and activists

We are in solidarity with all Indian activists and rights defenders who have been subject to a crackdown by state forces in the past weeks.

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