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24 Nov 2013
Commitments lost, ambitions damaged: No outcome in sight from Warsaw climate talks

After grueling days of intense negotiations between developed and developing countries, this year’s climate summit failed to produce meaningful outcomes to address climate change.

19 Jan 2013
The UNFCCC and Climate Politics after COP 15

This policy brief reviews the dismal (albeit unofficial) results of the 2009 climate summit contained in the Copenhagen Accord, and raises questions about the Accord’s implications to the multilateral climate process going forward. The paper finds that the unequal, growth-/profit-centered economic model—and the intractable commitment by major polluting economies and their elites thereto—as the main ecological and political obstacle to securing strong and just action towards climate stability. To address this, it proposes that, instead of being abandoned, the international climate effort under the UNFCCC must be upheld and broadened to include a transition to an alternative model of development based both on equity and sustainability.

9 Jan 2013
The World Bank and Climate Change Finance

Despite the woeful inadequacy of funding made available by the North for developing countries to meet climate challenges, donor-controlled climate funds have proliferated in recent years. Among the institutions that have staked a claim in the business of climate finance is the World Bank, which unveiled its Climate Investment Funds (CIFs) in 2008. At over $8 billion, the World Bank’s CIFs and carbon funds are collectively the largest climate-related funds currently managed by any public multilateral institution, dwarfing all of the funds under the UNFCCC.

6 Dec 2012
US and EU must show leadership and responsibility in climate talks

The US often projects a self-ascribed role of acting for the benefit of others in the world. At COP18 it, along with the EU, must move beyond a concern for its interests alone, and live up to its obligation to act for the other people inhabiting this planet. The world’s richest have both the responsibility and power to breath life into a process they have done much to stall – at the expense of the world’s poorest. If they do not, then the cost, which will be measured in human lives, will be on their shoulders.

1 Dec 2012
IBON International Update #5 from Doha COP18

The Green Climate Fund (GCF) is seen to be the subject of yet more intense debates at the UNFCCC's COP-18 climate change talks in Doha.

30 Nov 2012
IBON International Update #3 from Doha COP18

The Subsidiary Body for Implementation chair circulated a draft text on the SBI agenda item on “loss and damage” (from climate change) for further discussion and negotiation by country Parties. Country Parties agreed to continue their work on the text while they expressed their concern on few specific paragraphs.

29 Nov 2012
IBON International Update #1 from Doha COP18

The UNFCCC COP-18 opened this week in Qatar. More pressure than ever before rests on this COP process ending with a meaningful outcome characterized by developed country ambition in achieving emissions reductions, equity between developed and developing countries in emission reductions and climate financing, and legally binding commitments on all of these.

29 Nov 2012
IBON International Update #2 from Doha COP18

Four main items were discussed at today’s meeting of the Contact Group on Finance, i.e., general statements on the report on the work programme on Long Term Finance, the report of the Standing Committee, report on the Green Climate Fund (GCF) and initial guidelines; and on the arrangements between the Conference of Parties and the GCF.

3 Sep 2012
Climate: Reading one book in different editions, and not all are on the same page

With only three more days left at the Bangkok informal additional sessions, there are a number of outstanding issues in which developed and developing country negotiators appear to be reading the same book, but one that has different versions and editions. And if these differences weren’t enough, they are not all on the same page, to say the least.

2 Sep 2012
Climate: Roundtable 2 tackles twin imperatives of equity and ambition

How to ensure both equity and ambition in cutting emissions, what measures and mechanisms are needed to enable these, and how is it possible to achieve such targets. These are but a few of the questions in today’s discussions at the 2nd Roundtable on Ambition of the Ad-hoc Working Group on the Durban Platform (ADP) where we see a divergence of views by developed and developing countries.


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