IBON International is a service institution with an international character and scope of work. In our advocacy, we cooperate mainly with social movements and civil society constituencies in all regions of the world, especially in the global South and among marginalised groups.

We work with a broad range of CSOs, directly and through networks and partnerships, in building consensus on development issues. We help them bring this consensus to wider global arenas through engagement in international processes.


IBON Foundation started in 1978 as a semi-legal biweekly newsletter focused on socio-economic data and analysis, as part of the mass resistance against the repressive Marcos dictatorship in the Philippines.

From 1993 onwards, IBON Foundation’s international work accelerated, especially after we set up an international department in 1998.

We grew exponentially since the inception of independent programming as IBON International in 2005. Now an independent foundation, we currently manage several programs, global and international networks, and regional offices.

We retain close relations of solidarity with IBON Foundation, sharing with it numerous bonds of common roots and traditions of advocating social justice and social transformation through knowledge building and knowledge sharing.


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In Filipino, ibon means bird. In evolving Philippine tradition, the image of a bird in flight has come to mean freedom and, by extension, an oppressed people's struggle for freedom.


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